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Video Surviellance

Ziptel is a company which draws upon a coalition of partners in the development and delivery of its security services such as in the field of surveillance. Surveillance operators are highly trained personnel experienced at conducting highly sensitive covert operations both at home and abroad. Our Engineers are experts in successfully running investigations and operations for a variety of sensitive situations including.
• Corporate
• Criminal Activities
• Employee Dishonesty
• Matrimonial Disputes
• Technical Counter Surveillance

A surveillance operation is the most effective method of gathering intelligence and evidence relating to the activities of groups or individuals. At Ziptel we are in the position of being able to provide the highly trained and experienced operators to gather this intelligence and evidence. We conduct operations with professionalism and diligence, and provide accurate results backed up with evidential facts.

Technical Survillance
Ziptel in conjunction with their partners utilises a wide range high-tech covert tracking systems tailored to fit each situation. Used in conjunction with a surveillance team or simply on their own, these devices utilize global positioning satellites (GPS) to offer real time tracking that can be relayed back to your computer, wherever you are in the world, so you can know exactly where your loved ones or assets are.

Protective Survillance
Protective surveillance is often used in highly sensitive situations such as in the protection of spouse or children, where the overt attention of a bodyguard or close protection team would not be conducive to their lifestyles. In these instances,Ziptel uses a dedicated protective surveillance team which provides an covert security screen around your loved one, while remaining virtually unseen whilst ensuring your complete peace of mind.

Counter SurvillanceZiptel counter surveillance involves the use of our surveillance team to determine whether or not you are under surveillance. Our specialists partners have extensive experience in this field and have a proven track record of conducting covert counter surveillance operations for official agencies and corporations.

If you suspect that you, a family member or an employee are under surveillance for any reason, a Ziptel counter surveillance team will be able to easily confirm or deny your suspicions and advise you as to a course of action.